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Client Testimonies


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Do you only work with companies?

While we enjoy working with companies all over the United States, we also plan events, photography, invitations, etc for many individuals. Even CUSTOM TEE SHIRTS! (1-500) Got an idea? Send us an email and lets see if we can save you money & create your project.

What are your delivery options?
Items can be picked up at our offices or delivered directly to your doorstep. Anywhere in the United States! Items can be shipped and depending on the product, a shipping charge may be waived as a savings we pass on to you. After all, being greedy never really helped anyone ;) .




What is your returns policy?

Since each item is unique and custom done to suit your needs we do our best to ensure items are exactly what you envisioned. Unfortunately this means that once you have 

"approved" a proof for printing there are no returns. Please 

check over every detail and have someone else do the 

same to ensure you are ready to Approve each unique job. 

How do I track my order?

Not all items will have a tracking number but if we do ship an item to you we will provide that information in an email and most likely have a progress report stating where it is route to you currently!

How can I drop ship items?

SmileyPnD can ship your items all over the country. MOST OF THE TIME without extra cost to you our client! We would love to talk about your next project and get it in the hand you need. We even do EDDM for companies!




Do you provide International delivery?

At this time our printed products are not delivered internationally. Digital projects can be emailed or dropboxed.  However we are happy to say we have shipped items that have ended up in the hands of people in Romania, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico & more. Have us ship to a friend, they can ship to you.*   *Not liable for damages caused to product after the first delivery from us to your contact person. 

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